Our Services

We cover a wide range of financial services. Risk Management,Tax Planning ( we are not CPAs), Retirement Planing, Investment Management, and Estate Planning are the broad areas of our services. Let us offer a more specific description.

Written Financial Plans

We strongly believe that a written plan will help reach your financial goals.  There is a one-time fee for this service.  However, we can apply this fee to any advisory fee you would pay.

Separately Managed Accounts:

Through the use of different investment platforms, I now offer a non-commissioned, fee-based alternative to your traditional investments.  There are NO sales nor any surrender charges on these investments.  Please call 518 377 3245 or email me at  rfowler@americanportfolios.com  for form ADV, Part II.


Mutual Funds:

As a registered representative with American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc, we offer many of the most widely known mutual funds covering ALL asset classes. However, we do not simply sell an investment. We conduct a thorough analysis to determine your risk-reward profile. This helps us determine which investment, if any, to recommend. Next we present an asset allocation model to diversify your assets to help you reach your goals. In this process, we educate you to be the most well-informed investor/client you can be. We do this by providing prospectuses, FINRA reviewed literature and company fact sheets. Such investments apply to both retirement plans and individually owned investments. As an independent registered representative we provide an objective evaluation of all funds and different fund classes.


This investment, while not suited for all investors, may be helpful in providing supplemental retirement income. Annuities, offered by Life Insurance companies, come in two types. First are Fixed Annuities, offering a guaranteed interest rate for a specified period of time, usually one year. Conversely there are Variable Annuities. Such annuities offer investors a wide variety of investment options. They are usually managed by outside money managers and come in the form as sub accounts. These vehicles invest in stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents to obtain their stated objectives. Variable annuities have become very popular in recent years because of three factors: tax deferred gains, investment flexibility, and lifelong income payments.

Life Insurance:

One important service we provide is a needs analysis to determine the proper amount of Life Insurance you need and want. We coordinate this analysis to include any company sponsored Group Life Insurance you have in force. We also review any existing individually owned policies,  as sometimes they may not currently be meeting your expectations. From this we educate you on the different forms of Life Insurance:  Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Indexed Universal Life and Variable Life Insurance.  We care that you own the proper amount so that in the event of an untimely tragedy, your family and business can survive. As an independent agent we offer many widely known Life Insurance companies and can objectively select a policy that best meets your needs.

If you are a business owner, you may want to consider the use of Life Insurance in your executive compensation package. Such programs may benefit your company because of the tax advantages of Life Insurance and also the IRS restrictions on company sponsored Retirement Plans. We offer Buy-Sell Insurance, Split Dollar Life Insurance, and Deferred Compensation Programs using forms of Life Insurance.

Qualified Sick Pay Plans:

Perhaps the most overlooked yet the most important cornerstone of an individuals and business financial plan is a Salary Continuation Program in the event of an unforeseen Disability. Another service we offer is to present the basics of Law and Taxes for a Qualified Sick Play Plan. We integrate Employer Paid salary continuation, state mandated disability statues, and any individually owned policies. As with other aspects of your financial plan, we analyze, educate and implement a program to continue your salary in the event of a Disability. As independent agents, we objectively review different companies to provide you with the most appropriate coverage.

Retirement Plans:

There is certainly a vast array of Qualified Retirement Plans available. We are in a position to compare the different retirement programs and help you decide which is best suited for you and/or your business. Here is a list of programs available.

401 (k) PLANS