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"Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on scepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria."  Sir John Templeton



Most all other advisors you speak with talk about specific products.  We speak of a process that always begins and ends with your goals. Furthermore, I am not a sole practitioner but have assembled a team of top notch financial advocates that work specifically with your other trusted advisors.  Thus we form two teams  to work together to coordinate all your financial affairs.  Let's look at two general areas that make us unique.


We all face many risks everyday.  There is the threat of inflation, increasing taxes, loss in your savings from market volatility, auto acccidents, identity theft, lawsuits, loss of a business, and even the loss of your income to name only a few.  Our team specializes in these areas by not only transfering these risks but in some instances minimizing them or even outright eliminating them.  Visit the "About Us" tab on the top tool bar for more definitive information.  


We are not CPA's but we specifically work with your trusted accountant(s) to maximize your tax reduction in some ways by up to 40 percent.  We go far beyond your IRA and 401(k) plans to not only lower your administrative fees but also to significantly lower the taxes you pay Uncle Sam through new,emerging IRS approved plans.  Many of our clients have benefitted by shifting from taxable investments to tax-deferred and even tax-free holdings that are free from both federal and state taxes.

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