Well known companies have a system which they operate on a daily basis.  My system focuses on PEOPLE AND THEIR FAMILIES.  Financial companies discuss stocks, bonds, ETF's, Alternative Investments, mutual funds and the like.  My system emphasizes people, their families and most notably the legacies they wish to leave.  Come join me at and work with me to realize your dreams and aspirations.





Two Courageous Women

 Lisa B. became a client when she worked in her Dad's shop, some 20 years ago.  Recently she sold her home and told me she was going to start a savings plan,bi-weekly, and invest in the highs and lows.  She said that any economic downturns would not deter her from her goal.  I said, "Great."  Yet doubted if she had the perseverance of investing during severe drops in stocks.  With a few recessions and an unbelievable drop in the midst of the pandemic, she stuck to her guns and did in fact continue to invest.  Today the account has risen to $34,503.  Up significantly from her starting point of $1,863!  This shows that commitment and belief in the economy can work wonders.     

 Stacey C. had a different experience but still demonstrated courage.  I had been in contact with this young professional to start a Life Insurance program.  She stalled and offered the traditional excuses.  "I'm busy,"  "I have other things me and my husband want," "I have too many expenses." etc.  Then one day while doing a self-examination, she discovered a lump.  After scheduling an exam with her physician, she called me and completed an application for a hybrid life Insurance policy.  Now she is cancer free and her policy is still inforce with a significant cash value to be used for whatever dreams she and her husband hold

Congratulations are in order for both ladies.  Both demonstrate what financial planning can do for you!



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and because we are passionate about creating a written financial plan for you and your family, we are unconditionally offering to write an individualized plan at no charge!  All we need is for you to complete a financial inventory.  We can complete this plan by either the phone or digitally.  Out of respect of social distancing, there is no requirement to meet.  Call 518 377 3245 or email  There are no further obligations!


"What is now proved was once just imagin'd"  William Blake

"No one can make me feel inferior without my consent."  Eleanor Roosevelt

"An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie."  Alexander Pope

"If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place."  Lai-Tzu 

"I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioning ability of man to elevate his life

by conscious endeavor."  Henry David Thoreau  


Discipline is a concept that affects everyone.  An excellent way to develop exercise is to form a HABIT.

Consider this excellent book to guide you through this discipline:  The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg


Other advisors talk about specific products.  I listen to your life story;  what you value, your dreams and aspirations for your life and your family. I want to connect in a meaningful way;  one that improves the quality of your life and not simply with investments. Here are two examples which make my firm unique.


We face many risks everyday: the threat of inflation, increasing taxes, loss in your savings from market volatility, auto accidents, identity theft, lawsuits, loss of a business, and even the loss of your income to name only a few.  I help by not only transferring these risks but in some instances minimizing them or even outright eliminating them.  Visit the "About Us" tab on the top tool bar for more information.  


I work with your most trusted CPA advisors to minimize your tax burden; in some ways by up to 40 percent. Of course we consider your IRA or 401(k) plans  but we also  significantly lower the taxes you pay Uncle Sam through new,emerging IRS approved plans.  Many of our clients have benefited by shifting from taxable investments to tax-deferred and even tax-free holdings that are free from both federal and state taxes.

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