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Most other advisors initially talk about  specific products whereas I talk about a process.  This process always begins with what are your goals and objectives.  In this site, you will see many investment opportunities.  I list them to initiate your thinking.  However, never forget that my process always begins with a thorough discussion of what you iwsh to achieve financially.

We build relationships, not sell products. Our goal is to help you achieve financial success. We can do this only by developing a financial plan. We talk about your family, your career, your lifestyle, not to socialize but because these factors affect the way you feel about your finances. From this understanding, we build a relationship that works to achieving your financial dreams. We strengthen this relationship through education.

We firmly believe that Education is the most important ingredient in wealth accumulation. As a result, we have positioned our company to provide you with the most recent state-of-the art financial education possible. We will explain different investments, offer several options, and provide you with as many research articles needed: with the single objective of making you the most knowledgeable investor you can be.

For Business Owners

We have a comprehensive  Business Succession  program to help plan for the future of your Business. click here for a short survey form. Then email or call me with completed survey and we will provide a free report which includes a VALUATION of your business.

We constantly seek to enrich and expand our own educational base by attending local and national seminars. I participate in the continuing education program with the CFP Board of Standards and Practices and the educational program of The American College.

I have a B.S. Degree from New York University, a M.S. degree from Manhattan College and a CFP degreefrom The College for Financial Planning.  I recently received the degree of Chartered Financial Consultant from The American College.

I have thirty-two years in managing Total Financial Planning for both individuals and businesses. Recognizing that people want objective advice in achieving financial goals, we have positioned ourselves as a totally independent financial services firm. We have aligned ourselves with many outstanding insurance companies and excellent performing mutual funds. Consequently, we can provide you with the finest products available in your quest for wealth accumulation.